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The idea came up in a very spontaneous situation when a friend of mine and I saw that we wouldn’t be able to make it to an event that we were really looking forward to attend.

We decided not to allow that to stop us from taking some time to (dis)connect, 

even if that means: not leaving the city, or the space where we are at.

It didn’t take us much time to decide that we will have a weekend home retreat –

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Planning was the key
& here are a few things that I recommend to create a space at home where you can reconnect to yourself and your surroundings :

Set your phone on flight modus and choose an intention for the next days.

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Routines are a beautiful way of bringing clarity and focus into your day
– Like starting your day with opening the windows,
energetically cleaning your space and drinking water before meditating.
Allowing yourself to consciously take time to prepare yourself to start the day.

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We chose a few different things that we would incorporate in our day,
that would be in tune with our intention and help us reconnect to ourselves and slow down for 2 days.

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Nourishing and hydrating our body during those days was our focus.
Not only simplicity in our meals was truly important,
but spoiling our body meant preparing things as clean as possible and with awareness.


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Filling the time with meditations, slow yoga sessions, journaling and reading –
is all we need to slowly wind down and be ready to end the day.
A soft transition into the night by singing mantras before going to bed,
drinking lavender tea and allowing your mind to let go of what was.


  1. Lila
    6 years ago

    Wow so beautiful written, feels like starting right now.

    • Selene
      6 years ago



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