A B O U T   S E L E N E

Chandra¬†is a Sanskrit name, which in Hindu mythology, means ¬†” the goddess of the Moon.”

As surreal as it sounds, my mother chose my greek name, Selene,  on a full moon night in Colombia. Growing up I had a high interest in spirituality and everything that had to do with the universe Рsuch as the moon. When I found out that Chandra, my spiritual name, had the same meaning as Selene, the connection that was already there with the moon deepened even more.

Having travelled in such a young age and changing “homes” every three to four years shifted my way of feeling where “home” is at. Finding myself acknowledging how precious our container is, where our soul resides and allows others to connect, has helped me to see attachments with more clarity. Just like it has helped me broaden my mind, it did also bring a big question mark inside me, having experienced the darkest parts of being a human. Growing up I always saw myself as an “alien”separated from society, seeing the world and sensing everything so deeply – constantly¬†wanting to stay true to myself and my believes.

After always having an interest for art and growing up with it, I initially studied singing, dancing and acting in Munich, which allowed me to recognize that I needed more sincere transparency.

Expressing , creating and connecting is what has been a huge part of my life. Something that has always tuned me in to the simple truth in life. Bringing me back to a place I feel like “home”, a safe and uplifting feeling.

Chandralactic is therefore a space where I like to share that feeling, a “galaxy” full of creativity, consciousness and freeedom.

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