Thin Line

30 Apr, 2019

Such a thin line between being an instrument and being your essence, self.

When I was meditating the other day I felt how I had lost the constant Sankalpa ( Intention ) that I always have had:

Being an instrument in this world, by giving and trusting that what I have to give will be guided and¬†I’ll be channeling an energy that is selfless and meant to be.

And on the way I had felt that my Self – that Self that we feel as a character,
who has likes, dislikes a passion… for something, eager to fight for a wish – ¬†had been floating.

So while I sat there in complete silence I asked myself :
where is that fine line of acting selfless, being an instrument and not losing that spark that makes you, you.

No matter what I do I have always done it with love, energy and trust not caring about a strict like or dislike
… always open-minded, open-hearted.



30 Apr, 2019

The full moon took me on a ride.

Suddenly I realized that the very first Asana that I learned when I physically tried Yoga for the first time,
I couldn’t even do comparing to the ones I had learned years later, so I wondered why…
After a couple of minutes of flowing through movements and sounds,

I placed a pillow on the floor and exhaled while placing my hands on the matt.

I looked to the front and I couldn’t hold it longer than a second – out of nowhere I felt a guidance inside me,
a wave of trust that told me to look further than I would like to, to put the fear away…
suddenly my feet were off the ground.

Higher, calmer, stronger than I have ever before, even though my body has been lacking practice.

I exhaled one more time and nodded as if I was communicating with the universe.

” You gotta trust and for that, you need to look forward, further than you are willing to “
I kept moving, choosing to embrace the rush of feeling like overcoming something,
but not allowing it to control me.

At the end of my practice , I sat

” If you want to be heard, you have to be loud ” I heard.

cup of tea sessions

m y s e l f .

11 Nov, 2016

I’ve always had a problem defining myself.


For a really long time – almost all my life , I called myself an “alien” – simply because I sensed the world in a different way.
Never liking things other people liked, or never having only one passion for one thing or someone only.
Constantly just observing and feeling strange, as if something was wrong with me when I couldn’t say things like :
” I’m a teacher “, or ” I’m a dancer ” or ” I’m this and that… or … I AM .

Honestly it was always a psychological thing for me.
feeling that as soon as I “define” myself, everyone expects perfection, which I can’t give.
Taking decisions was never hard¬†since my intuition did it all for me…

but deciding on defining my – self… that was a hard one.

I am a soul living in this beautiful and blessed body of mine, who loves to give, create & connect.

Hense the reason I have found the word “artist” more suiting than any other way I could describe what I do or who I am
( also, two different things ).

press play. 

In short : that is how I see us.
Beings, just beings sharing our light in whatever we do.







Moments captured by warmhearted David & Kathrin 


E s s e r e

10 Oct, 2016

I went to visit my aunt in Italy and see a part of my family that I haven’t seen in awhile.

I must say, those 5 days filled me more than I thought they would. I consciously tried being there as present as I could, inhaling moments and exhaling doubts.

e s s e r e = to be 

press play.

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G r e e n P o w e r

5 Oct, 2016

I thought that now, that it’s getting colder I would share one of my go to green Smoothies that I like to have.

Starting off with the fact that when it gets colder most of the times our bodies need something warm, rather than a big salad.

I’m still not a fan of combining vegetables and fruits,
but with spinach I love to make an exception,
since it’s the fastest and best way of getting my greens when I don’t feel like eating salad during the day.

The best combination with Spinach is a fruit that is sour and for the taste balancing it out with a neutral one.

Most of the times I like keeping it simple, so this is pretty much it.
This smoothie is light and refreshing.


You will need : 

An Orange

Half of a Lime

A handful of Spinach


Spirulina, Maca & Lucuma ( optional )

Coconut Water




Add Spirulina, Maca and Lucuma on top and then add coconut water .



If you don’t wanna lose all the vitamins,
try creating as less heat as you can by mixing it with short times until it’s ready,
instead of just letting the mixer swirl around.



Wishing you a lovely start of fall!


l o v e b o w l

19 Aug, 2016

Chia here , Chia there, Chia everywhere.

I feel like nowadays Chia seeds are included in everything…


But I do get why – after all, those magic seeds not only are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and fiber,
but they also contain 20 % of protein and 20 % of omega 3!

( Plus¬†– they come close from where I’m from and they mean ‘strength’ haha )

It’s just that, allowing them to absorb water first is the only way to truly receive the benefits.

I usually care more about how I eat things in a way that my body absorbs the ingredients well,
rather than focusing only on what tastes delicious –
so I try to adapt things to food combination, instead of confusing my body each time I eat, so:

Here is a simple ( and kind of a fancy ) one that I’ve been liking the most for the past year.


You will need : 

Chia seeds ( surprise )

almond milk ( I used rice, too, since I don’t like such a thick texture )

matcha & cinnamon

frozen berries

any nut cream ( I used a dairy free nougat like)

sunflower seeds


Steps :

  • place about 1 to 2/4th Chia seeds of what you would use liquid in your bowl and add milk
  • Mix your Chia seeds ( using a whisk works the best ! ) ¬†& slowly add 1 – 2 teaspoons of matcha
  • Let it sit about 20 mins ( if you like it cold place it in the fridge )
  • Put a hand full of frozen berries in a pan using low heat and a tiny bit of water
  • Allow the berries to warm up and add about a spoon of nut/nougat cream
  • Serve your berries/nut sauce on top of your Chia seeds and sprinkle cinnamon & sunflower seeds



– Stay hydrated –
oh and can you count how many times I wrote down the word Chia ?

Pictures taken by the lovely Carolina Auer 

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cup of tea sessions

t r a n s p a r e n c y

5 Jul, 2016

press play . 

‘ Note to self: Don‚Äôt seek to be relevant, or liked, seek to be undeniable. Seek to be compassionate. Seek integrity. Seek humility. Seek Light. ‘ ¬†–¬†Man Bartlett


This new moon has been so much more intense than the past ones for me. Bringing me to a deep space of self reflection. Raw transparency is something that we forget to come back to –
since we focus so much on only showing perfection -something that isn’t just human.
The way our heart vibe flows up and down, it’s an organic expression of our human existence.
Perfectly “flawed” with curves rather than a straight line.

Noticing the way I’ve been trying to run away internally from thoughts, emotions and characteristics inside me –
when my attention and time is needed the most.
Always coming back to the raw truth, that if we don’t attend to a sign, we remain stuck.

As if hiding in a shell will teleport me somewhere.

As much as I have been ‘distracting’ or numbing myself from feeling ,
by the lack of sleep I’ve been getting or purposely ignoring my inner child’s way of communicating,
it simply shows how much room there is in practicing self love.

Sharing my experience, I’m listening to a clear energy of the need to let it out.
Even if this might be an egoistic reason,
I trust that the words we share and the vulnerability we show is a reflection of what we, as one, experience.

So if this snippet of what now and then goes on behind the colors, the art , the music ,
allows you to feel heard, safe or maybe even loved –

Remember yourself,
as I remember myself, on this new moon to live from the heart and be strong and get out of the enslavement of our mind.

Remember to seek light.

( shot by Patrick )


e a r t h y g r e e n

26 Jun, 2016

Actually one of my favorite combinations.
Something crunchy, something green and something warm.
Perfectly balanced between a light and filling meal.


So here it goes, you will need :






Salad leaves ( I used romain salad )

Herbs ( I used an Italian mix. )


Sesame Oil ( Optional )

Simplicity in the kitchen is my way to go,
so this dish is based on a salad “bed” and the warm veggies on top.


Steps :

  • prepare your buckwheat as you would prepare rice ¬†( the double amount of water and add a little bit more liquid if you want it a bit softer )

  • Wash your salad, cut the leaves in small pieces and place them in your bowl. Sprinkle some lime, herbs and if needed some oil.

  • Cut your veggies and add the broccoli a few minutes before the buckwheat is ready, so it stays crunchy and filled with vitamins.

  • Add Zucchini and Scallions in the mixture and keep a part of the zucchini¬†aside for the end.

  • Meanwhile you can warm up the rest of the Zucchini, Scallions and Asparagus ( using a little bit of oil if needed ) and flavor them with salt and herbs on the pan.

  • Serve your buckwheat as you like it. I like it rather dry than mushy. Place the rest of your veggies on top and if you like it sour, sprinkle some more lime juice and top it with herbs againcarolina_auer_selene-3


If you like it simple and delicious,
share some love ūüôā

( Shots by beautiful Carolina  )


w h i t e n e s s

21 May, 2016

As always, I do my best to keep things natural and simple- which is why I’ve never tried any whitening products for my teeth.
I didn’t eat many sweets when I was younger or drank soft drinks and nowadays I mostly only drink water and if I eat sweets,
it’s always dark chocolate.¬†

So I know that for me it hasn’t been as hard as it could be to keep my teeth healthy and white,
but I still do now and then apply some tricks:

For a long time I used the simplicity of a banana peel – or strawberries.

Why ? 
Because of the potassium, the magnesium and manganese that allow your teeth to help the white color shine more. 

How to use it ? 
I like using organic ones,
simply because that’s the best way I can make sure that my teeth aren’t getting anything else than a banana.
First of all, choose your banana peel and then start rubbing the inner part on your teeth for a few mins, keeping your mouth open, so you don’t swallow the paste ¬†– after that you may see some slight change to how your teeth looked before.¬†

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For some it doesn’t work, but for me it works¬†immediately after one time.
If it doesn’t work for you, then give it a try for a few weeks.¬†

If it doesn’t at all, I’m sure the second method will!¬†

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I’ve been using¬†activated charcoal for the past year now and then.

Why ? 
It traps chemicals and also prevents their absorption.
So doing that it will allow your teeth to get off that “extra layer” and make your teeth whiter than before.¬†

Activated charcoal comes from the normal charcoal ( made from peat, coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum ).
It’s not the same, but similar since it is heated so it can be used as a medicine, because through the process,
it produces some kind of “pores” that help trap the chemicals.
So the same benefits can be applied internally – but that’s another topic.¬†

How to use it ?
You simply need and extra toothbrush that can get dirty Рliterally. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

First I like to take a sip of water to wet my gums and teeth,
then let my brush run really short under water and then dipping it in activated charcoal so that the surface of the brush is covered. 

Now it’s the fun part – simply start brushing your teeth.
Don’t worry, the black color will easily disappear.¬†


After that,
simply brush your teeth the way you would normally do –
I like using toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride ( and ingredients that I at least understand ).¬†


There are a lot of people who do this 7 times a week.
I’ve never been a fan of using something too much – so I would use these methods once a week maximum.
I believe that our body just needs some help now and then and not perfection every day.

But like with everything,
it’s your personal choice.¬†

Let me know if your teeth are shining more after trying this out for yourself ūüôā¬†