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m y s e l f .

11 Nov, 2016

I’ve always had a problem defining myself.


For a really long time – almost all my life , I called myself an “alien” – simply because I sensed the world in a different way.
Never liking things other people liked, or never having only one passion for one thing or someone only.
Constantly just observing and feeling strange, as if something was wrong with me when I couldn’t say things like :
” I’m a teacher “, or ” I’m a dancer ” or ” I’m this and that… or … I AM .

Honestly it was always a psychological thing for me.
feeling that as soon as I “define” myself, everyone expects perfection, which I can’t give.
Taking decisions was never hard since my intuition did it all for me…

but deciding on defining my – self… that was a hard one.

I am a soul living in this beautiful and blessed body of mine, who loves to give, create & connect.

Hense the reason I have found the word “artist” more suiting than any other way I could describe what I do or who I am
( also, two different things ).

press play. 

In short : that is how I see us.
Beings, just beings sharing our light in whatever we do.







Moments captured by warmhearted David & Kathrin 

cup of tea sessions

t r a n s p a r e n c y

5 Jul, 2016

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‘ Note to self: Don’t seek to be relevant, or liked, seek to be undeniable. Seek to be compassionate. Seek integrity. Seek humility. Seek Light. ‘  – Man Bartlett


This new moon has been so much more intense than the past ones for me. Bringing me to a deep space of self reflection. Raw transparency is something that we forget to come back to –
since we focus so much on only showing perfection -something that isn’t just human.
The way our heart vibe flows up and down, it’s an organic expression of our human existence.
Perfectly “flawed” with curves rather than a straight line.

Noticing the way I’ve been trying to run away internally from thoughts, emotions and characteristics inside me –
when my attention and time is needed the most.
Always coming back to the raw truth, that if we don’t attend to a sign, we remain stuck.

As if hiding in a shell will teleport me somewhere.

As much as I have been ‘distracting’ or numbing myself from feeling ,
by the lack of sleep I’ve been getting or purposely ignoring my inner child’s way of communicating,
it simply shows how much room there is in practicing self love.

Sharing my experience, I’m listening to a clear energy of the need to let it out.
Even if this might be an egoistic reason,
I trust that the words we share and the vulnerability we show is a reflection of what we, as one, experience.

So if this snippet of what now and then goes on behind the colors, the art , the music ,
allows you to feel heard, safe or maybe even loved –

Remember yourself,
as I remember myself, on this new moon to live from the heart and be strong and get out of the enslavement of our mind.

Remember to seek light.

( shot by Patrick )

cup of tea sessions

M a s k O f f

17 May, 2016



When I’m out in the city,
it’s unpreventable for me not to have my awareness on this little thing called “Smile”.

Too many walk around not noticing that they have a look like they are extremely mad –
well, maybe they are, that’s human.
Not judging.
BUT – we are in a space where we have to co-exist and why not interact with each other through energy ?

It’s just a simple way of acknowledging each other.

I doubt any of us would truly feel the best being by themselves all the time – and I am saying this,
the ones who know me,
know that I’ve always been the type of person who believed that we don’t need anyone else than our own company.
But we ( the ones who choose to do so ) evolve.




To be honest.. it’s just a fear of being vulnerable.
Our Ego not allowing us to connect.

You don’t have to walk around like a Joker with the biggest smile, but neither do you have to look so sour all the time.

Try this next time (or even if you are on your way somewhere right now! )
you are in a space with people you haven’t met yet and cultivate a warmth in your gaze and a soft smile on your lips.

Giving the other person you meet with your eyes recognition and empathy –
because no matter what we are going through, a little of all that feels good sometimes.

What do you feel ?

Love & Light ,


cup of tea sessions

g r e y z o n e s

5 Apr, 2016

“people have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar ” – Tchich Nhat Hanh

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We sense so much fear – of the new, the old and the now. It feels as if sometimes in the moments we think we can stand on rocks, a wave comes back again and throws us off.

Our patterns come back to the surface as if we never tried to communicate, to heal and give them what they need. It’s a constant roller coaster, a constant awareness that yearns water to remain lush and green- over and over again. 

There is a kind of grey zone that doesn’t seem warm nor cold, light nor dark.

It’s in those moments when our sensitivity to the vulnerability of our own selves is being challenged. A moment when a higher source is moving and unlocking passages through us that in the moment we tend to misconceive.

A moment where we need to breathe and trust and know that we haven’t forgotten how to stand on rocks, but simply relearn how to guide ourselves to remember. 

To remember how to navigate through our grey zones. 


cup of tea sessions

B l e s s e d

9 Mar, 2016

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Even when we are aware of it all, it seems that appreciation seems to slip through. Like appreciating the fact that we don’t need tubes or any kind of help to be able to breathe, to be able to allow our breath to flow in and out – giving us energy for the next movement ,thought, emotion. Do we appreciate the fact that our cells keep reproducing themselves on and on and on ?


While I took a moment to think about the things that slip through in this consciousness that we work on every single day, tears came to my eyes. Being healthy and radiant, the ability to sense your body and having beautiful people in your life who love you … are not just simple things that should be separated from it all.  From this whole motivation of striving to ‘be better’.
Instead of striving and wondering so deeply, sometimes just taking a few moments to acknowledge and give thanks for the things that do work in our life, is a big part of it, too. For the things that just flow, for the things that are in the direction we want them to be, for this flawless body of ours that allows us to have this human experience … protecting us day by day.

Feel gratitude, truly feel gratitude for it all. Because we have a ton of things to feel blessed for.




cup of tea sessions

I n n e r C h i l d

27 Sep, 2014

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…and so as someone reminded me of something one day, I will pass the message on:

keep your inner child alive -because becoming hard as a rock is easier noawadays than spreading love and seeing light in everything and everyone.


” I take it as a challenge to open up people, because even they want to be loved, no matter how much they act it out to be the opposite “.


The more life gives me opportunities to grow the more I know that all of us are children at heart wanting to be appreciated.

So just remember… That we all try and we all want to be accepted for what we do, that next time you look at someone and think to yourself that they are ‘crazy’, stop for a second and acknowledge that it’s their inner child.

That all you are seeing is a reflection of yourself trying to be accepted.

Remember to remain soft, remember to remind others not to forget this.