Actually one of my favorite combinations.
Something crunchy, something green and something warm.
Perfectly balanced between a light and filling meal.


So here it goes, you will need :






Salad leaves ( I used romain salad )

Herbs ( I used an Italian mix. )


Sesame Oil ( Optional )

Simplicity in the kitchen is my way to go,
so this dish is based on a salad “bed” and the warm veggies on top.


Steps :

  • prepare your buckwheat as you would prepare rice ┬á( the double amount of water and add a little bit more liquid if you want it a bit softer )

  • Wash your salad, cut the leaves in small pieces and place them in your bowl. Sprinkle some lime, herbs and if needed some oil.

  • Cut your veggies and add the broccoli a few minutes before the buckwheat is ready, so it stays crunchy and filled with vitamins.

  • Add Zucchini and Scallions in the mixture and keep a part of the zucchini┬áaside for the end.

  • Meanwhile you can warm up the rest of the Zucchini, Scallions and Asparagus ( using a little bit of oil if needed ) and flavor them with salt and herbs on the pan.

  • Serve your buckwheat as you like it. I like it rather dry than mushy. Place the rest of your veggies on top and if you like it sour, sprinkle some more lime juice and top it with herbs againcarolina_auer_selene-3


If you like it simple and delicious,
share some love ­čÖé

( Shots by beautiful Carolina  )

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