A (Sunday’s) Feast β™‘

Well, dear ones, this has been long overdue..
(I know some of you have asked a few times. So bear with me, this will be a long post!)

Here we go:
These two meals have been 2 of my favourite ways of feasting (apart from my favourite Banana smoothie that I might share in the future).
…And no, not only on a Sunday!


If you have looked through the other meals that I have shared with you, you would know by now, that I always choose simplicity. And simplicity is never boring to me πŸ˜‰

So I hope you enjoy these two meals to make your morning or lunch a little extra special.
I suggest you choose a moment to prepare these, when you have the time to really enjoy. Maybe even with a cup of (medicinal mushrooms) tea.

Let’s start with pancakes, shall we?
These are the only kind of pancakes I like to prepare and the only ones you have seen on my instagram.
And the best part is that you can also use this recipe for some savoury wraps if you wanted to!

Are you ready for the most simplest recipe in the world?



β†’ 1 cup of Buckwheat Flour
β†’ 1 – 2 cups of water

That is all.
Buckwheat flour is not only gluten free, but it feeds your body with cruelty free protein, too.
So, when people find it peculiar that I eat pancakes so often, is understandable, since most of the recipes are either with (plant)milk, or eggs, or backing powder, or sugar. Meaning: pancakes are seen as a dessert, rather than a healthy meal.
Of course the recipe I just gave you is so easy, that if you want to let your creativity flow, there is plenty of room for that!


hemp powder (for more protein)
a lot of cinnamon (for some taste)
coconut sugar (for a bit of sweetness)
if you must, a pinch of salt for the sake of tradition (but truly you don’t really need it.. haha)

spirulina or cacao powder (for nourishment & or colour)

Depending on how you are feeling, add whatever you want to add, just make sure you don’t overdo itΒ  πŸ™‚


Get all dry ingredients into a bowl and stir them well ( if you added something extra, make sure the ingredients are mixed well! )
Now take the water and pour it in slowly while mixing the flour –
depending on the flour, sometimes a bit more than 1 cup of water will suffice and hardly ever 2, what I can definitely tell you is:
The batter should be smooth, not too runny & not too thick – REMEMBER: it is always easier to add more water, than to wish to turn back time.

Let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Really heat up a non-sticky pan and add a tiny bit of coconut oil –
the next step is to watch the batter create tiny little bubbles, ONLY THEN, it is time to turn – don’t doubt your timing, don’t wait too long for the bubbles to sit there. As soon as you see them spread all over, your pancake is ready to be turned.

Then every 2 pancakes, add a bit of coconut oil on the pan and after awhile lower the heat if you need to!

Stack them, make a flower out of them, have one by one , roll them – whichever way you prefer they will taste delicious!
β†’ My favourite thing to add is my chiapudding sauce, which you can find HERE.
Coconut Yoghurt cannot miss (I like to add some spirulina powder to it)
Some fresh fruit, date/agave/maple syrup , coconutflakes & some nuts make the pancakes even fancier.

Now, let’s get down to some eggy business ( without eggs, haha )

No, I won’t call these scrambled eggs, then again, that’s how they might look like from afar.
Fact is: if you are up to ditching all your digestion rules, then this is worth it!

β†’ Tofu
β†’ Tomatoes
β†’ Kala Namak Salt or regular Salt (depends if you want it to taste like egg)
β†’ Turmeric
β†’ Garlic Powder
β†’ Smoked Paprika Powder
β†’ Nutritional Yeast
β†’ Mixed Herbs
β†’ Spring, red or white – Onion (whichever you prefer)


The first thing you do, is dry the Tofu as much as you can.
For that, place the tofu between 2 paper towels with some weight ontop (over night or aslong as you can before starting to cook)

While the tofu is being squished, cut up the tomato & chosen onion and prepare a little bowl with the dried herbs (salt, yeast, turmeric, garlic & smoked paprika powder)
TIP: Use a lot of nutritional yeast and the rest of the herbs just a dash to begin with!

Then go ahead and take the tofu and break it apart with your fingers choosing how big or small you want the pieces to be πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Use a little bit of olive oil, let it warm up and then add all the tofu.
The trick to getting it a little bit fried is to simply leave it still. After awhile, move it around!
Depending on how “dry” you want it to be, either leave it longer or start adding the onion & tomatoes –
after about a minute, at the very end add a dash of water into your herbs mixture and sprinkle it on the tofu mix.

TADAAA , that’s it!
(Don’t let the tomato & onion overcook! Enjoy it warm and fresh β™‘)

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