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What’s more powerful than combining the energy of mother earth and the elegance of a woman?

There is something that we have forgotten about –
the beauty and importance of connecting with each other and deepening the grace of the true definition of a woman.

It seems like when we think of women it’s all material things like clothes, make-up, purses & shoes –
when all of that is a superficial image society created and forgot about the depth of it all.

As a woman, being able to look at each other and see the beauty and grace of another woman is to me so powerful.
Without thoughts of jealousy, comparison or judgement.

This of course, goes hand in hand with how we are with others,
but I feel the need to mention the connection between women now and then,
because we tend to forget how blessed we are and that there is more to us than what we are portrayed as.

To acknowledge that we, as ‘goddesses’ have so much power from our ancestors, that can be awakened. 

A woman, a goddess in her wholeness is beauty, raw, emotional, individual, powerful, creative, sensual, loving and wild.

We have been so focused on changing ourselves by acting differently and constantly trying to be something we don’t feel comfortable being or simply because we think we have to be some kind of way,
instead of embracing each other and  just BE.  

Surrounding yourself with other sisters is more than just gossiping,
talking about heartbreaks and going shopping.
It’s a platform for you to feel whole and supported, to be creative, expressive and feed each other love and growth.
No matter how you look like or how ‘different’ you may feel.

Know that you are a goddess.  


As soft as her petals and as strong as her roots .

Curly Haired Goddess : Charline

Pictures by Martin Holzner

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