I’m sure you have heard of using Spirulina in your smoothies before, but have you ever thought about the idea of using it’s benefits not only to strengthen your body, but make your skin glow? 

First of all – what’s Spirulina anyway ? 
Spirulina is a dark green aquatic plant that grows in alkaline water ( with a high pH ) . It is one of the world’s oldest foods and even now it is seen as a super food. 

I won’t be naming all the benefits, but for now just focusing on why it would be heaven for your skin. Just to name a few things:

Spirulina tightens your skin and cleans out your pores by absorbing water. Not only it exfoliates your skin and it includes minerals, but it’s a powerful source of beta-carotene ( lots of Vitamin A ), Vitamin B, C and E and.. you get the point. So after using that beautiful green color on your skin, it will definitely thank you by ending up being as soft as a baby and bringing out your natural glow. 

Who doesn’t want to have baby smooth skin? The more simple we keep it, the better, the easier it is for your body to recognize it’s benefits – & don’t worry, the green color won’t stay 😉

So here we go: 

If you’d like to create a weekly ritual at night to pamper yourself you could ( like me ) wash your face with a mixture of rose petals and warm water. The best is to let your face dry naturally without using a towel, so that your skin remains untouched. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Once your skin is freshly washed and your pores are ready to be cleansed, go ahead and take about half of a small spoon of Spirulina powder and mix it with a tiny bit ( ! ) of filtered water until it becomes almost a thick cream. 


And the fun probably starts when applying that gorgeous deep green color on your face. Reminding the times when painting our faces used to be our highlight of our day – So allow your inner child to have some fun at this point! 

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Let it sit for about 15 mins until it dries. 

faces 2

Gently wash it off with warm water and then with cold to tighten up your pores again. 

If you like, at the end you can take a small amount of coconut oil to nourish your skin and clean your face to get the rest of the mask off your skin. 

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