I thought that now, that it’s getting colder I would share one of my go to green Smoothies that I like to have.

Starting off with the fact that when it gets colder most of the times our bodies need something warm, rather than a big salad.

I’m still not a fan of combining vegetables and fruits,
but with spinach I love to make an exception,
since it’s the fastest and best way of getting my greens when I don’t feel like eating salad during the day.

The best combination with Spinach is a fruit that is sour and for the taste balancing it out with a neutral one.

Most of the times I like keeping it simple, so this is pretty much it.
This smoothie is light and refreshing.


You will need : 

An Orange

Half of a Lime

A handful of Spinach


Spirulina, Maca & Lucuma ( optional )

Coconut Water




Add Spirulina, Maca and Lucuma on top and then add coconut water .



If you don’t wanna lose all the vitamins,
try creating as less heat as you can by mixing it with short times until it’s ready,
instead of just letting the mixer swirl around.



Wishing you a lovely start of fall!

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