The full moon took me on a ride.

Suddenly I realized that the very first Asana that I learned when I physically tried Yoga for the first time,
I couldn’t even do comparing to the ones I had learned years later, so I wondered why…
After a couple of minutes of flowing through movements and sounds,

I placed a pillow on the floor and exhaled while placing my hands on the matt.

I looked to the front and I couldn’t hold it longer than a second – out of nowhere I felt a guidance inside me,
a wave of trust that told me to look further than I would like to, to put the fear away…
suddenly my feet were off the ground.

Higher, calmer, stronger than I have ever before, even though my body has been lacking practice.

I exhaled one more time and nodded as if I was communicating with the universe.

” You gotta trust and for that, you need to look forward, further than you are willing to “
I kept moving, choosing to embrace the rush of feeling like overcoming something,
but not allowing it to control me.

At the end of my practice , I sat

” If you want to be heard, you have to be loud ” I heard.

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