Chia here , Chia there, Chia everywhere.

I feel like nowadays Chia seeds are included in everything…


But I do get why – after all, those magic seeds not only are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and fiber,
but they also contain 20 % of protein and 20 % of omega 3!

( Plus – they come close from where I’m from and they mean ‘strength’ haha )

It’s just that, allowing them to absorb water first is the only way to truly receive the benefits.

I usually care more about how I eat things in a way that my body absorbs the ingredients well,
rather than focusing only on what tastes delicious –
so I try to adapt things to food combination, instead of confusing my body each time I eat, so:

Here is a simple ( and kind of a fancy ) one that I’ve been liking the most for the past year.


You will need : 

Chia seeds ( surprise )

almond milk ( I used rice, too, since I don’t like such a thick texture )

matcha & cinnamon

frozen berries

any nut cream ( I used a dairy free nougat like)

sunflower seeds


Steps :

  • place about 1 to 2/4th Chia seeds of what you would use liquid in your bowl and add milk
  • Mix your Chia seeds ( using a whisk works the best ! )  & slowly add 1 – 2 teaspoons of matcha
  • Let it sit about 20 mins ( if you like it cold place it in the fridge )
  • Put a hand full of frozen berries in a pan using low heat and a tiny bit of water
  • Allow the berries to warm up and add about a spoon of nut/nougat cream
  • Serve your berries/nut sauce on top of your Chia seeds and sprinkle cinnamon & sunflower seeds



– Stay hydrated –
oh and can you count how many times I wrote down the word Chia ?

Pictures taken by the lovely Carolina Auer 

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