When I’m out in the city,
it’s unpreventable for me not to have my awareness on this little thing called “Smile”.

Too many walk around not noticing that they have a look like they are extremely mad –
well, maybe they are, that’s human.
Not judging.
BUT – we are in a space where we have to co-exist and why not interact with each other through energy ?

It’s just a simple way of acknowledging each other.

I doubt any of us would truly feel the best being by themselves all the time – and I am saying this,
the ones who know me,
know that I’ve always been the type of person who believed that we don’t need anyone else than our own company.
But we ( the ones who choose to do so ) evolve.




To be honest.. it’s just a fear of being vulnerable.
Our Ego not allowing us to connect.

You don’t have to walk around like a Joker with the biggest smile, but neither do you have to look so sour all the time.

Try this next time (or even if you are on your way somewhere right now! )
you are in a space with people you haven’t met yet and cultivate a warmth in your gaze and a soft smile on your lips.

Giving the other person you meet with your eyes recognition and empathy –
because no matter what we are going through, a little of all that feels good sometimes.

What do you feel ?

Love & Light ,


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