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11 Nov, 2016

I’ve always had a problem defining myself.


For a really long time – almost all my life , I called myself an “alien” – simply because I sensed the world in a different way.
Never liking things other people liked, or never having only one passion for one thing or someone only.
Constantly just observing and feeling strange, as if something was wrong with me when I couldn’t say things like :
” I’m a teacher “, or ” I’m a dancer ” or ” I’m this and that… or … I AM .

Honestly it was always a psychological thing for me.
feeling that as soon as I “define” myself, everyone expects perfection, which I can’t give.
Taking decisions was never hard┬ásince my intuition did it all for me…

but deciding on defining my – self… that was a hard one.

I am a soul living in this beautiful and blessed body of mine, who loves to give, create & connect.

Hense the reason I have found the word “artist” more suiting than any other way I could describe what I do or who I am
( also, two different things ).

press play. 

In short : that is how I see us.
Beings, just beings sharing our light in whatever we do.







Moments captured by warmhearted David & Kathrin 

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