” the practice of refraining from violence “

This term started making more sense to me, once I started shifting my way of living.
From the way I felt and thought -to what I ate.

It started off as consciously deciding what I wanted to see as “food” and how I wanted to treat my body.
Not being ok anymore with eating dead body parts and at the same time indirectly harming everything I could possibly harm. I became so obsessed with the idea of  ‘veganism’ that I felt stressed out thinking about food and hurting so much,
because I couldn’t understand the way people could live this way.
I felt tensed while doing something good – which didn’t make any sense to me.

I started analyzing  where it came from and acknowledging that it’s not doing me good and it only had to do with the way I was approaching it…
It came from a place of anger, sadness, possessiveness and perfection.

It took me quite awhile and practice to expand the reasons I chose to eat and live the way I was living.
I then understood why I initially chose to take that path, which was Ahimsa – the practice of harmlessness –

It then something clicked that was making everything so difficult:
how could I feed so much anger and negativity when my desire was to take away bits of that emotion
that has been so present in the world, by not eating animal products?

It didn’t make sense to me that I was applying the same emotion that I was trying not to support,
to myself and to people who didn’t understand,
when all I wanted was to influence harmony.

Ahimsa 7
Ahimsa 8
Ahimsa 9.
Ahimsa 9

I began practicing applying Ahimsa into every aspect of my life.
Observing my thoughts, the words I choose, the way I feel & move.
Releasing that tension and exchanging it for love.

Because love doesn’t have any rules, it simply balances out what needs guidance and support.

( sounds covered by Tatiana Jane  & filmed by Carolina Auer )

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