Having lived in India at an early age yoga came into my life in a very organic way.
Watching my mother practice asanas, I saw them as movements and enjoyed copying her while we both discovered yoga without putting too much thought into it. After years of letting Yoga guide me, I had my training at High Vibe Yoga in Bali incorporating a wholehearted Hatha Yoga inspired by Embodied Flow™. 

Now, for me, influenced by eastern and western cultures,
Yoga is not just a physical movement, but a whole way of living.
Adding the influence and practice of Bhakti and Dance. 

The way we remember to consciously feel our body on our mat,
we remember to ‘move’ through our thoughts and feelings in a sensitive way. 

A way of remembering our Self, something that feels so natural when our awareness is in tune. 

( Sounds: Teller & The Soil )


” You don’t have to learn how to love yourself.
You just have to remember there was nothing wrong with you. To begin with. You just have to come home.” – Nayyirah Waheed

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