Divine Journey within our Femininity,
The Breathing Through,
the Releasing
So we can once more Remember the Roots, our Source…
Our Embodiment & Inner Sacred Connection to our Inner Devi.
देवी : Goddess, Devi


Secrets of the Devis
Women, Sisters, Mothers, Goddesses
WHEN : 13
-18 SEPTEMBER 2020


T H E  R E T R E A T

YinYang Yoga to empower & nurture Yoginis of all ages
♡ Meditative Sessions of Surrendered Movement to flower from Within
♡ Yoni Shakti practices to awaken your inner freedom & power
♡ Dance – Embody your Femininity through Music & Sounds
♡ Morning Rituals ( physically & energetically )
♡ Healing & Nurturing the Masculine/Feminine Sessions
♡ Conscious & Nonviolent Diet – Nourish your body
♡ Secrets of the Devis: Dive deeper – Feed your mind & free your Soul
♡ A safe & warmhearted space to come together as Devis to connect and support each other
♡ Devis Time: Ocean, Sun & Day Trips to exclusive hidden places 🙂
♡ Pranayama Immersions & Kirtan of Devotional Chanting

♡ Sacred Rituals: Southamerican Ceremonies for your Divine Being
♡ Guided by Liliana & Selene


We have selected a 400 year old Ibizan finca for our Time together –
(it even appears in the book “Great Yoga Retreats”).

So magical, idyllic, quiet & beautiful between ancient olive trees, oranges & apricot groves!


Countless of beautiful places to feel at ease:

Our Yoga Tent in the middle of a Pine forest…

A beautiful garden with lavender and a hidden natural saltwater pool.








A space you can truly surrender.


Not only that but our own chef is going to be spoilling us every day with cruelty free Meals full of Energy & oh so tasty!



W H Y  I B I Z A

Not only the nature, the mystic and the luxurious makes Ibiza so unique,
but also its feminine energy: Strength & Softness.
The island owes its name to the goddess ‘Bes’,
which stands for fertility, protection, sexuality, dance, music & life energy.

We will be at a powerful, energy filled space and visit the most beautiful places together –
So the island gives us the perfect atmosphere to feel our embodiment of our inner Devi ♡


Y O U R   S I S T E R S

S E L E N E & L I L I A N A
Best friends, sisters, mother and daughter.

Raised in Colombia and influenced by Indian and other Asian countries, as well as Western culture,
they pass on the love & passion for the conscious and mindful life through Yoga, Movement & Bhakti.

Constantly on the path of selfless love & support.


For  S E L E N E ,
having lived in India, Yoga came into her childhood in an organic form in which she felt the movements in a different light, influenced by her connection to dance.
Yoga can be an Invitation to Remember, to heal her vessel and be the truest meaning of Yoga:
ONE beyond the Mat.
Something she has honoured the most is to be a student of the blessings Life brought to her: Be it Yoga, personal Introspection or Teachers.
Her training in Dance, Acting, Singing
& Hatha / Embodied Flow ™ were only stepping stones to something bigger that she now has the blessing to share:
The Discovery Of Each & Everyone’s Inner Energy.
Life truly became her teacher,
when through presence beyond practice she discovered her Inner Energy moving her and allowing her to remember her deepest call HERE in this lifetime.
With this conscious awareness of a higher knowledge than her mind,
always guiding her, she can be an “instrument” through her sensitive nature & her active inner guidance.
She accompanies International education, Retreats and
guides other souls into their deepest truth & remembrance of their divinity with her Life Partner James at www.intehgra.com.
She feels one of the truest gifts of this Life is having been able to receive this power and deepest caring in her whole being to hold space for herself, the men in her Life and especially for her sisters.
L I L A N A came to yoga over 20 years ago,
or more accurate: Yoga to her ☆
Already at a young age, her Colombian family practiced spirituality in the form of Prayer, Dance & devotional singing,
which is why she has felt connected to yoga since then.
Together with Selene they lived in India 4 years where she studied with several known and unknown Teachers & Masters,
as well as in many other countries over the past 10 years.
Her studies are in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Bhakti & Pranayama, with Teachers as Amma, Sai Baba, Sri Dharma Mitra, Andrei Ram,
Amy Ippoliti, Elena Brower, Mark Whitwell, Patrick Creelman, Tara Judelle, Rod Stryker,
as well as Yin Yoga & Embodied Mindfulness with Tina Nance in Bali.
She’s extremely excited to share her new discovered Jewels of awareness about Women Yoga Therapy through her studies with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (author of Yoni Shakti).
Every year she spends time in India, Bali, Colombia & Europe deepening her Sadhana everywhere she goes and refreshing her inspiration.
Working daily on Her Life Purpose with Joy, Transformation, Healing and Passion that Yoga brought to her life.
Liliana & her husband Sathya are the founders of Bhakti Yoga Summer Festivals in Europe.
They train a hundred of Yoga Teachers per year at www.bhaktiyogasummer.com.
Liliana shares her Energy, Love, Ease, and Devotion with the clear Intention of re-discovering our inner divinity.





Retreat Energy Exchange : 550€
until May 1st 2020
(More Options in The Registration Form)

FOOD: Vegan holistic Meals every day by our Private Chef throughout the Retreat – 225€


Depending on what Room you choose and is available the price for your accomodation varies.
You will be able to choose your Room in the Registration page 🙂
TENT UNDER TREES with shared Bathroom ( large & cozy space in the Garden ) : 235€ per Person (47€ per Night)
BALI HOUSE with shared Bathroom ( beautiful & simple outside Hut near the Saltwater Pool ) : 260€ per Person (52€ per Night)
DOUBLE ROOMS with shared Toilet ( only 2 available ) : 300€ per Person (60€ per Night)
THE ATELIER with private Bathroom ( spacious & stylish place for 2 or 3 Devis ) : 360€ or 310€ per Person (72€ or 62€ per Night)
YOGA LOFT with private Bathroom ( Like a Princess above the Yoga Space with one double bed ) : 360€ per Person (72€ per Night)
SINGLE ROOMS with shared Bathroom ( only 2 available ) : 410€ per Person (82€ per Night)

Food & Accommodation are paid in cash at the Retreat Space
♡ The Retreat will be guided by Selene & Liliana



♡ Delicious Home Cooked Vegan Brunch & Dinner Buffet by our own private Chef!
♡ Accomodation in the magical 400 years old Finca
( doesn’t include Transport. )
♡ Morning & Afternoon Movement or Meditation Sessions
+ Optional Individual Intimate Energy Session with Selene
♡ Devis Trips to Markets or Caves
♡ Elemental Activation Through Herbs & Ceremonies
♡ Devotional Singing through Kirtan
♡ Devis Circles
♡ Private Social Media Embrace for Devis before & after Retreat
♡ Sacred Southamerican Rituals for your Being







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We are excited to read from you again!

With Love,

Selene & Liliana