Questions & Answers


What truly is a ‘Retreat’ ?

To go to a retreat, it usually means, if you want to have a break from your everyday life to “switch off”.
We, yoga practitioners, use a retreat to go deeper into our spiritual practice, Sadhana.
We want to offer you more than just a “yoga vacations” –
instead the opportunity to retreat to deeply connect with your essence,
accompanied by Bhakti yoga, mantras chanting, Satsangs, Gathering and Music.
We go deeper into the experience where pure joy & love resides and along the way receive new energy & knowledge.
In addition to the program, we also have a lot of free time to enjoy the beach, the markets and the time with your own being. πŸ™‚

I want to join! What about the payment to register?

Amazing! We are so honoured & excited for you!
1. Firstly, look for the REGISTRATION Link at the end of the page & follow the steps πŸ™‚
There you will pay the deposit, which will reserve your spot!
2. We appreciate if the Full Retreat Payment is paid maximum until the 16th of AugustΒ πŸ™πŸ½
3. As you read in the Registration Page,
Food & Accommodation will be collected in cashΒ on the first day of your arrival.


Is it okay to come by myself ?

More than Okay!
There are many participants who travel alone and develop the friendships that life has been waiting to bring them.
At the end of the day we will all be together and no one alone πŸ™‚
So yes! You are most definitely welcome to come by yourself,
you will be welcomed with open hearts.


Can I come with a friend ?

If you have a particular woman in your life whom you want to strengthen your relationship with through the retreat,
it is an honor to accompany you in that journey!
You will support each other & most likely have a life changing experience together.
Apart from that : we can offer you a Devis Discount if you come with another Devi!
DeviFriend Discount: 500€ for each of you
Early DeviFriend Discount: 445€ for each of you


Do I have to pay for my flight ?

Yes, booking the flight is your responsibility.
You are welcome to contact us and we will try to help you with the search.
For Ibiza we will be in high season, so book as soon as possible! πŸ™‚
TIP: skyscanner / google flights. Make sure you are in an “Incognito” page & not on weekends or at night, but better during the week..

What is the food like ?

At our retreats, a non-violent and organic diet is part of our lifestyle,
because we try to integrate it
and use the time as a good opportunity not only to give the mind but also some love to the vessel / body.
Our own cook will prepare the meals with great passion, immense love and awareness
for our super delicious brunch & dinner every day.
You are sincerely invited to join the meal plan and abstain from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine,
so we remain in tune with our being.
You will feel in heaven, we promise! πŸ™‚


Is the Retreat in English ?

Yes, we will offer this Retreat in English,
though because we also speak Spanish and German, we will be there to adapt to the needs of the group πŸ™‚


Can my family or partner join me ?

Because this will be an immersion with your own self,
We advice you to give yourself the permission to take some time and go on this journey for yourself
& allow the Devis in the Retreat support you to flower from within πŸ™‚


How do I get to the Retreat Space ( Finca ) ?

Ibiza is filled with little streets and having a shared car will be magical for your time here.
Most of the people who arrive to this Island they choose to have their freedom with a car πŸ™‚
To get to where we are going to be staying you can be picked up by a taxi with other Devis
or directly near the airport and share it with a few of the other Devis joining you at the Retreat.
You will be able to communicate with the in the Social Media Group we create for you all πŸ™‚

We will be in nature & in a calm area, but also close to the beautiful ‘hippie markets’ that Ibiza has to offer.
Ibiza will remind you of that ease, joy & freedom we all carry within πŸ™‚


How is Ibiza Like ?

It’s like experiencing 2 Lifestyles at once:
The Glamorous & The Rural –
Many people travel to Ibiza because of the material and the parties it has to offer,
which can be so much fun and exciting!
Though at the same time there is a community of conscious people connected so deeply to nature & music.
We will be exploring the 2nd Lifestyle more than the first, but you’ll get a soft glimpse into the Hippie Markets,
where both worlds can come together.


How are the Rooms ?

Every Space is a little different, since it is a 400 years old Finca!
Depending on what suits you, there are a few different options:
You can stay in nature under the stars in a beautiful tent, or in a room above the Yoga Space.
You can share a room with another Devi or stay in an Atelier-like Room for 2 or 3.
Whichever you choose, you will feel welcomed & appreciated.


What is the Program like ?

We understand that Life flows the way it should and that specially the energy flowing through us women can be very flexible πŸ™‚
We will adapt to the group & the flow, but for you to have an idea of what a day could look like:

7:00 Rise & shine – Morning Rituals
7:30 Meditation & Breathing
8:30 Movement for Women ( Through Dance, Yoga Asanas or Intuitive Guidance )
10:00 Delicious Brunch / optional Daily Trips
4-6pm Devis’ Circle β™‘
6:30pm Dinner
8pm Night Program

But if a Space should Open up and you would like to be updated,
or hear from us again for the Retreat in 2021
click below:






If there are anymore questions that weren’t answered,
of course let us know.
We are here for you.



With Love,

Selene & Liliana