cup of tea sessions

B l e s s e d

9 Mar, 2016

press play. 

Even when we are aware of it all, it seems that appreciation seems to slip through. Like appreciating the fact that we don’t need tubes or any kind of help to be able to breathe, to be able to allow our breath to flow in and out – giving us energy for the next movement ,thought, emotion. Do we appreciate the fact that our cells keep reproducing themselves on and on and on ?


While I took a moment to think about the things that slip through in this consciousness that we work on every single day, tears came to my eyes. Being healthy and radiant, the ability to sense your body and having beautiful people in your life who love you … are not just simple things that should be separated from it all.  From this whole motivation of striving to ‘be better’.
Instead of striving and wondering so deeply, sometimes just taking a few moments to acknowledge and give thanks for the things that do work in our life, is a big part of it, too. For the things that just flow, for the things that are in the direction we want them to be, for this flawless body of ours that allows us to have this human experience … protecting us day by day.

Feel gratitude, truly feel gratitude for it all. Because we have a ton of things to feel blessed for.