Such a thin line between being an instrument and being your essence, self.

When I was meditating the other day I felt how I had lost the constant Sankalpa ( Intention ) that I always have had:

Being an instrument in this world, by giving and trusting that what I have to give will be guided and I’ll be channeling an energy that is selfless and meant to be.

And on the way I had felt that my Self – that Self that we feel as a character,
who has likes, dislikes a passion… for something, eager to fight for a wish –  had been floating.

So while I sat there in complete silence I asked myself :
where is that fine line of acting selfless, being an instrument and not losing that spark that makes you, you.

No matter what I do I have always done it with love, energy and trust not caring about a strict like or dislike
… always open-minded, open-hearted.

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