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‘ Note to self: Don’t seek to be relevant, or liked, seek to be undeniable. Seek to be compassionate. Seek integrity. Seek humility. Seek Light. ‘  – Man Bartlett


This new moon has been so much more intense than the past ones for me. Bringing me to a deep space of self reflection. Raw transparency is something that we forget to come back to –
since we focus so much on only showing perfection -something that isn’t just human.
The way our heart vibe flows up and down, it’s an organic expression of our human existence.
Perfectly “flawed” with curves rather than a straight line.

Noticing the way I’ve been trying to run away internally from thoughts, emotions and characteristics inside me –
when my attention and time is needed the most.
Always coming back to the raw truth, that if we don’t attend to a sign, we remain stuck.

As if hiding in a shell will teleport me somewhere.

As much as I have been ‘distracting’ or numbing myself from feeling ,
by the lack of sleep I’ve been getting or purposely ignoring my inner child’s way of communicating,
it simply shows how much room there is in practicing self love.

Sharing my experience, I’m listening to a clear energy of the need to let it out.
Even if this might be an egoistic reason,
I trust that the words we share and the vulnerability we show is a reflection of what we, as one, experience.

So if this snippet of what now and then goes on behind the colors, the art , the music ,
allows you to feel heard, safe or maybe even loved –

Remember yourself,
as I remember myself, on this new moon to live from the heart and be strong and get out of the enslavement of our mind.

Remember to seek light.

( shot by Patrick )

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