As always, I do my best to keep things natural and simple- which is why I’ve never tried any whitening products for my teeth.
I didn’t eat many sweets when I was younger or drank soft drinks and nowadays I mostly only drink water and if I eat sweets,
it’s always dark chocolate.¬†

So I know that for me it hasn’t been as hard as it could be to keep my teeth healthy and white,
but I still do now and then apply some tricks:

For a long time I used the simplicity of a banana peel – or strawberries.

Why ? 
Because of the potassium, the magnesium and manganese that allow your teeth to help the white color shine more. 

How to use it ? 
I like using organic ones,
simply because that’s the best way I can make sure that my teeth aren’t getting anything else than a banana.
First of all, choose your banana peel and then start rubbing the inner part on your teeth for a few mins, keeping your mouth open, so you don’t swallow the paste ¬†– after that you may see some slight change to how your teeth looked before.¬†

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For some it doesn’t work, but for me it works¬†immediately after one time.
If it doesn’t work for you, then give it a try for a few weeks.¬†

If it doesn’t at all, I’m sure the second method will!¬†

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I’ve been using¬†activated charcoal for the past year now and then.

Why ? 
It traps chemicals and also prevents their absorption.
So doing that it will allow your teeth to get off that “extra layer” and make your teeth whiter than before.¬†

Activated charcoal comes from the normal charcoal ( made from peat, coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum ).
It’s not the same, but similar since it is heated so it can be used as a medicine, because through the process,
it produces some kind of “pores” that help trap the chemicals.
So the same benefits can be applied internally – but that’s another topic.¬†

How to use it ?
You simply need and extra toothbrush that can get dirty Рliterally. 

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First I like to take a sip of water to wet my gums and teeth,
then let my brush run really short under water and then dipping it in activated charcoal so that the surface of the brush is covered. 

Now it’s the fun part – simply start brushing your teeth.
Don’t worry, the black color will easily disappear.¬†


After that,
simply brush your teeth the way you would normally do –
I like using toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride ( and ingredients that I at least understand ).¬†


There are a lot of people who do this 7 times a week.
I’ve never been a fan of using something too much – so I would use these methods once a week maximum.
I believe that our body just needs some help now and then and not perfection every day.

But like with everything,
it’s your personal choice.¬†

Let me know if your teeth are shining more after trying this out for yourself ūüôā¬†

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